• Remember that when the clinical signs of laminitis are seen, separation of the laminae is already occurring.

• Prompt attention to your horse is imperative to try to minimise these changes.

• If your horse develops laminitis contact your vet.

• If the horse will pick up its feet easily, apply frog supports.

• Walking the horse is contra-indicated but may be necessary to remove the horse from the cause of the laminitis e.g. from pasture.

• In this case it may be safe to walk the horse a short distance, with frog supports on, if it can walk relatively easily.

• If the horse is very reluctant to walk, wait for your vet's arrival.

• It may be necessary to box your horse back to the stable.

• Stable the horse on a deep bed so that it is happy to lie down if it wants to.

• see Frog Support

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Laminitis Studies